Google trails..Google has launched a beta version of a service that allows Chinese Web surfers to..
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The higher part of ISO-8859-1 (codes from 160-255) can all be used using character entity names.
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"GrayStone Suite" template by codepoet...

Indeed, another template from me! I've been busy lately, trying to fill up my portfolio. So how about some more filler text and some links?

imgDesigned with 11 images totaling at 12kb even. Like some of my previous templates it was aimed at large sites. This time most of the design has been packed into a huge CSS file. And i've tried to limit myself on the tables. Even though there seems to be more of them.
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img GrayStone Suite will need small touch ups, like aligning the forms to the left, etc.
img The body here has the ablity to be filled the the brim with these boxes, or one large box.

UnderLined Text
Bold Text
Underlined & Bold Text
Italic Text

img Ok, let's look at a few link exmaples.

© Link Example 1 (class=default)
© Link Example 2 (class=small)
© Link Example 3 (class=white)

And that's fall folks, careful with the CSS file.. and enjoy!
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